What Are The Secrets To Selling Baseball? Just Ask Amy Venuto

Minor League sales expert Amy VenutoAmy Venuto has been selling minor league baseball, and helping others around the game do the same, for 25 years. A native of Portland, Ore., Venuto spent the bulk of her career with Ripken Baseball in Maryland—where she did everything from ticket sales in Aberdeen to hosting the Cal Ripken World Series to serving as a general manager—before branching out on her own and launching Amy Venuto Team Services in 2013. She now has over 50 teams as clients that she trains on the ABC’s of selling to fan bases and  customer experience development and consults on how to manage a sales staff and be a better leader.

What follows is my conversation with Venuto about her career in minor league baseball, why she is so passionate about the sport and the challenges of succeeding in a profession that has traditionally been dominated by men. The transcript has been edited in spots for length and clarity.

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