Promo Of The Month Nominee: Jumbo Shrimp Take Father’s Day To Another Level

Minor League Baseball Golden Bobblehead

The Minor League Baseball Promotional Seminar released the five finalists for its top promotion for the month of June. The winner, to be announced next week, will receive an automatic berth into the coveted Golden Bobblehead competition at the Promo Seminar this September in Des Moines, Iowa. This month’s finalists include . . . 

Why limit Father’s Day to just one day? The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp made an entire weekend out of it—in true minor league fashion.

The Jumbo Shrimp kicked off Father’s Day weekend with Awkward Family Photo Night, offering families to get a head start on their Christmas cards by setting up a photo booth on the concourse for families to take their worst shot. The results were . . . interesting.

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Outraged Over Amarillo’s Name? Remain Calm. It’s All Part of the Plan

The new Amarillo franchise set to make its debut in the Texas League next season announced the five finalists for its new name earlier this week. As expected, the choices are hardly traditional, which of course is the new minor league tradition.

Temporary logo for Amarillo's new minor league team.Whether people love or hate the idea of a baseball team being named the Boot Scooters, Bronc Busters, Jerky, Long Haulers or Sod Poodles is not really the issue. What matters is that people are talking about it, that local and national media are reporting on it, and that fans are visiting the team’s website to vote on it.

This is all part of the Brandiose tried-and-true formula for launching a new franchise. The company that has worked with 63 minor league teams on their identities and is responsible for leading the minors down this path of silliness has followed this script for more than a decade to help introduce everything from a Jumbo Shrimp to a Flying Squirrel. Brandiose’s golden rule: Attract attention. It’s key to building a brand.

Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp's Minor League Baseball Logos

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