Next Year’s Nicknames? Your Guess Is As Good As A Space Chimp’s

Baseball traditionalists beware. Protect thy eyes for this post will surely burn them with the power of a thousand Brandiose winged-devil-sun-dogs.

At least six minor league teams will field new nicknames over the next two seasons, with four of those teams having already revealed their finalists. As expected, there isn’t a Chief, Bear, Hawk, Sox, Brave or any other name that teams used to roll out. Instead, the future names of these four teams are bound to be bizarre and illicit a furious response from their supporters, as well as local headline writers and national bloggers. This, we know, is all part of the grand name-the-team plan.

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Morning Headlines: News from Around Minor League Baseball

Is a minor league team coming to Pueblo, Colo.? Two local county commissioners have proposed financing a downtown multi-use stadium to host a yet-to-be-named Pioneer League franchise, according to The Pueblo Chieftan. While offering no insight into Pueblo’s prospects, Tony Ensor, president of the Colorado Spings SkySox franchise that will be leaving the Pacific Coast League for the Pioneer League next season, said they would welcome another team to Colorado.

“While we are not privy to what other cities or team ownerships are doing, the idea of Pueblo having their own team would be great for professional baseball in Colorado, for our franchise and baseball fans in Colorado Springs,” Ensor told the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Meanwhile, Fayetteville (N.C.) knows it will have a team next season. Yesterday, it learned what the team colors will be: red, gray and black. The ballpark is under construction, soΒ next up for the future Carolina League franchise: a team name.Β 

The team has narrowed the options down to Fatbacks and Woodpeckers (go Fatbacks!) and will reveal the winning name at a celebration in August, the Fayetteville Observer reported yesterday.

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