Promo Of The Month Nominee: Mud Hens Build Playhouses For A Good Cause

Minor League Baseball Golden Bobblehead

The Minor League Baseball Promotional Seminar released the five finalists for its top promotion for the month of June. The winner, to be announced next week, will receive an automatic berth into the coveted Golden Bobblehead competition at the Promo Seminar this September in Des Moines, Iowa. This month’s finalists include . . . 

Not all minor league promotions are built to be outrageous. In fact, most teams dedicate several events to benefit their local community. The Toledo Mud Hens’ Project Playhouse Event at Fifth Third Field falls into that category.

Toledo Mud Hens host Project Playhouse.

Toledo welcomed 30 area businesses to the ballpark on an off day to build playhouses for local children in need. Row upon row of sawhorses filled the concourse, which echoed with the sounds of hammering and drilling, as the volunteers worked to build playhouses with a specific Lucas County child in mind. The team partnered with the Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity for the event that garnered a wealth of local news coverage.

As the video below shows, the local community rallied for a good cause. Many of the participants are sponsors of the Mud Hens who got to see the ballpark in a new light.



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