Dayton Dragons Get Another Sellout, Top New-Look Attendance Tracker

The Bandbox News Attendance Tracker is back, but with a bit of a different look. After a couple of weeks, we noticed that tracking teams solely based on overall attendance tended to favor Triple-A and Double-A clubs. While there can be exceptions, the bigger ballparks in bigger markets are going to generate bigger crowds.

So the Bandbox News analytics team got together to track down the capacity for every minor league ballpark—please let us know if any ballpark capacities need to be updated—and created a new report based off of how close each team comes to filling that capacity. In other words, this new report focuses on the teams that came closest to generating a sellout. This should help level the playing field.

The Dayton Dragons, which have sold out every game at Fifth Third Field since making their debut in 1998, should feature prominently on these lists. In fact, their crowd of 7,310 last night registered just above their listed capacity and topped both attendance lists.


Minor League Attendance based on capacity percentage for May 29


Minor League Overall Attendance for May 29

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